Thursday, July 16, 2009

I thought.

I thought that I was done with writing for tonight but it turns out I'm not cause ooh looky here at my fingers tap-tapping.

I'm watching Little Britain but it's not very funny after the first season is it?

Perhaps you would like to see some photographs? I wonder how you put photographs on here. I'll figure it out in a momento. Ah there's a clicky thing - a button.

Wonder what piccies I have on my computer. Oh, I found some celery. Good hustle team.

I'm not sure why I have that. Maybe because I sometimes eat celery. But I also sometimes eat cabbage, and sushi, and chicken, but I don't have photo's of them.

I wonder if I have anything more interesting... Oh yay!

That is my boyfriend. His name is Austen. He is not naked, I promise. He doesn't know I took that photo. Huzzah!

Dee dee dee I'm going to go and learn a magic trick.

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