Sunday, January 22, 2012

I'm thinking.

I'm thinking that I only need one new years resolution. From now on I will be in control. Of everything. My decisions are only my own. My emotions will be kept at bay. Tonight I'm making a drastic change, and it will give me the courage to face all that I need to.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Together they fell apart.

She lies back in bed with a smile on her face. Happy is not the first word to come to mind, but it is something akin to that. At least there is nowhere else in the world she'd rather be. She listens to his breath catch beside her; shivers as his sweat cools on her stomach. The night settles heavy around them. Silence pulses about the bed, creeping in as the sounds of their joining fades. She sighs to fill the space between them.

In the morning he leaves and she lies alone. Nowhere to be. No reason to greet the day. She lies on her side, her palms pressed to the warmth he left behind on the sheets, her face against his pillow inhaling the smell of his hair. If she closes her eyes she can pretend he hasn't left at all.

She becomes dizzy with the memory of him and the light that pushes against her eyelids. The room spins and suddenly she can not breathe. Darkness swallows her up, but only for a moment. Or so it seems.

She wakes. Nothing has changed. She is alone and once again breathes against his pillow. But it is soaked, and she smells nothing. Her tears have washed him away.