Monday, July 20, 2009

I cut

I cut my hair a couple of nights ago.

There it is, in all its slanted glory.

Sometimes I stay up too late and when I reach that point beyond tired I feel like nothing's real and I do silly things. This was rather silly, but the nice kind of silly that I don't regret.

I'm almost at that point right now... Almost, but I'll be going to bed soon so it shouldn't get that far.

I also made a bag yesterday. It's rather simple but I like it a lot and I just realized it's the perfect size for my laptop, which is quite lovely. Though I might have to go over some of the stitching to make it stronger if I'm carrying something that heavy (not that my laptop is heavy - just heavier than a wallet and a phone, I mean).

I don't know why I'm writing in this when I know that people don't read it.

I had a nice talk to Austen today. It was fab, but it always is.

I want to go home so much. This is shit.

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