Saturday, August 8, 2009

I have been.

I have been away for a while because Julz has been over for the week.

It's been pretty great apart from one night where we had a dnm and I'm pretty sure I just cried and bitched all the way through.

We went to Christiania on one of the days and had a wonderful walk around through all the houses and by the lake. We found an abandoned building and Julz walked in on a woman performing fellatio on a man there.

We spent one day at the beach with my host sister -

- and another taking photos of my host families amazing house.

Last night we went to see Aqua play in the Tivoli gardens in Copenhagen. It was pretty fab and after we me up with Ash and Maddy for drinks in a bar, then late night Burger King.

On the walk home I was quite munted I think, because I barely noticed walking far - which we did, because the night bus doesn't stop close to my house. We walked past a building where a couple of guys stuck their heads out the top floor window and one yelled down to us. Conversation went along the lines of:

Him: It's not often we see such attractive ladies walking down the street at this time.
Us: Yeah... Thanks...
Him: Listen, I'm an honest guy so are you girls interested in any sexual seduction?
Us: No...
Him: Are you sure? Not interested in any sex?
Us: No thanks.
Him: Ok, have a nice night.
Us: Thanks, you too!
Julz: Lololol.
Me: o_O

Further along our walk we found some long haired cattle in a field and went to say hi. I was wondering out loud how they could possibly keep the cows in the field with such a flimsy wire fence when it electrocuted me - the bastard. At the time I hardly felt it and I was laughing but now, the morning after, my limbs are so sore!

Tonight there is a summer party in Christiania which Julz and I are going to. It should be fantastic, and today I'm going to buy some gum boots and a giant cardigan to wear to it :D

Anywaysies I've gone and written too much now haven't I?


  1. nice use of the word fellatio. I remember the first time i asked my mother what that word meant... they'd been talking about machine gun fellatio on the radio and we were swinging by the primary school to pick up my siblings. good times.

    how awesome were Aqua? Did you sing along to Barbie Girl and feel retro? Man how sad is it that bands from the 80's can be retro....

  2. my bad, sorry, Aqua was the nineties.


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