Thursday, August 27, 2009

At school.

At school. In Classics class. I'm researching Zues. He has a fucked up family tree. He slept with lots of his sisters. But then, I guess he didn't have many options...

Got back from England two days ago. It was a fun time. Got to hug my mummy (yay!) and dad and I had some good giggles :)

I wrote a poem while over there:

It's hard to stop yourself from dreaming
When dreaming is all you have left.
When you've been gone so long, so far,
That the distance had left you bereft
Of his face and his hands and the curve of his back,
Which kept you so long entertained,
On late nights - Now early flights-
Now fatigue and aches and pains.

When settling is all you want,
And disruptions are all you get,
The dreams are what you hold on to-
When you're alone sometimes you forget
That alone is never really alone
If someone is prepared to wait,
So you hold on to those dreams of him, soon,
Of one kiss - one look - one embrace.

Is it good or bad? I don't know, but I like it, and apparently so does he :)

4 and a half months left. I'm counting down the days.

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