Sunday, May 2, 2010

Taking a break.

Taking a break from my pile of homework to write something that doesn't require a ridiculous amount of referencing >:(

Last Monday Lisa, Maz and I went to Wide Open Mic at Mojos. Katiy joined us soon after. We stayed for a little while but started to feel rude because we were talking while the people were playing. We decided to go on an adventure.

We drove to the shops to grab some supplies: cookies, shapes, iced coffee, red bull for Kaity, four little plastic bottles, flour and food colouring. Oh yes, we had a plan. Lisa told us of a little basketball court under the bridge in North Fremantle, so that's where we headed. We filledour little bottles with flour, food colouring and river water and painted a lovely little mural and (after a little complaining by me about the fact that we are university students and traditionally we're supposed to be the activists and why were we never doing any cool protesting like they do in the movies and blah blah) a message. Humans > Robots. Duh.

My parents were confused by my blue hands when I returned home at about 11. What a wonderful night of fun.

In other news, apparently self-loathing is causing me to make enemys of people that I don't disslike. Yes, thanks for the info. So what the fuck do I do about it?

Congratulations Elisa. You're stupid.

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