Monday, May 31, 2010

It's study week.

It's study week this week which means I'm watching movies, writing, sewing, and just generally avoiding studying.

I wrote a short story today which I kind of like (at the moment). Sent it to a few people. They didn't say anything about it. Does this mean it's shit? Probably. Meh.

I really want to re-read my novel and try to write some more for it.

I'm currently making a risotto for my dinner, and later tonight I will probably make an apple pie because I've been craving one for sooo long, and it's not my washing up night tonight so win-win situation hey?

Going to finish sewing my bloody dress soon too. Gathering the skirt is taking so damn long. It best be worth it or I'll probably cry.

So there. Plenty of activities other than study to occupy my time. Lovely.


  1. I said it was intense.... that's saying something about it which means it most definitely is not shit! If you want some extensive feedback, please pester as I am happy to give it :P


    Oh um and in other news, you should teach me how to make an apple pie now that you're an expert.


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