Friday, December 30, 2011

This year.

This year is coming to a close, as Elise and I realised this morning.

Elise: It's the 30th. That means New Years Eve is...
Me: Tomorrow. Shit. How did that happen?

It's time for me to check off my resolutions, before I start making new ones.


1. Never ever ever everrr get as drunk as you did last night.

Success! Unless I somehow manage to do it all again tomorrow.

2. If you are awake and functioning, go to uni.

Nope. Didn't do that.

3. If you are at uni, go to your classes. Duhhh.

Think I mostly did do this! I was way better than I was in 2010 at least.

4. Lose weight, stupid.

Did, then put it back on again woohoooooo. Fuck.

5. Save enough money for Japan and then some.

Yes! I went to Japan, and to Indonesia, and I came back with $1000 in the bank. There are no maybe's and sort of's here. I actually fulfilled this resolution and I'm proud!

6. Make decisions, stick by them, and don't regret what you can not change.

I think it will be years before I actually figure out how to do this, if at all.

7. Make some valuable contribution to the community.

... I don't know what my intention was with this, but I didn't do it.

8. Stay in contact with people who matter, and cut out those who are deteramental to your wellbeing.

I'm getting better and better at this.

9. Make money from something other than soul-sucking part time jobs.


10. Grow your hair longer than it's ever been before. Yeow!

:'( I was so close then I had to get it cut to put up when I wore my kimono.

I'm fairly pleased with the results here. There aren't many of these that I can say I didn't even get close to doing, which was often the case in the past. Especially in the past couple of months I've been feeling ever hopeful. I'm riding, mostly, on a wave of optimism. 2012 will be the best year yet.

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