Wednesday, April 7, 2010


For cyring out loud, I'm a retard. From now on, this blog will be different... Maybe.

Last night was fabulous. After dinner, Mariion, Lisa, Claudia and I walked down to Bicton baths. It was just before midnight, I think. We had set up camp on the grass by the shore - a blanket with all our equipment in the middle.

There was a noise from near by; a laugh, but one that seemed contrived. It spread from the murky area by some upturned row boats. A single burst of laughter - one person's mirth. It was odd.

For a while, there was nothing more, and we decided to continue as planned. The only sign of life from that area for the rest of the night was when a man emerged, topless and adjusting his pants. He stepped out of the shaddows for only a moment, before returning. I can't imagine what he was doing.

Others joined us a little later and we spoke with them for some time. Lisa tired of our adventure soon after. The leftovers up at Mariions house were clearly beckoning for her to return. The two of them began sending text messages to each other. I stole Mariions phone when she was consumed with giggles and continued the exchange. I don't remember much of the conversation, but I do recall having particular problems when I attempted to write, "Just relax you tricky dicky!".

We left. Claudia and I were walking slightly behind Lisa and Mariion when a comment I made about the world being in fast forward cause the two in front to pick up the pace. Eventually, they were sprinting away from us.

When we got home we ate a rather disturbing amount of food between us, before we four retired to the two-man tent that had been set up in the garden earlier in the day.

Oh, but it was a good night.

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