Sunday, November 15, 2009

When I eat M+M's.

When I eat M+M's, I arrange them according to their colors.

I line them up in columns starting with the color I only have one of, then the color I have two of, and so on.

Today I had two orange ones, and two yellow ones. I tried to decide which color to place first, but I couldn't decide which one I preferred.

I brought my head down so that my eyes were level with the table. Upon closer inspection, I could see that one of the yellow M+M's was slightly misshapen.

Disgusted - but also perversely delighted, as this solved my dilemma for me - I ate it.

Now, my M+M graph was perfect, I thought. But even as I looked at the little colored circles I felt a pang of regret for what I'd done.

This was discrimination and segregation at it's worse.

Shaking my head sadly, I carefully gathered all of my little chocolate friends together in my left hand.

I ate them all in one mouthful.

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