Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'm in.

I'm in the hospital with a severe throat infection. It's pretty shit to be honest. Tomorrow I will probably have an operation to get my pesky tonsils and the gunk in my throat taken out. Then it'll be pain and ice-cream for a week. Joy.

After midnight tonight I'm not allowed to eat or drink anything in preparation for the surgery.

Before today, I hadn't eaten a meal in 10 days. Hospital food tasted like it was fucking gourmet. Also kind of felt like the last supper.

I've been trying to figure out what I'm going to think about before I get knocked out. They say you usually dream about what you think about just before you fall asleep. I've heard good things about general anesthetic-induced sleep, so I don't want to waste the opportunity ;)

Currently have antibiotics dripping into me, which is making it a little awkward to type. I've had this needle inserted into me for the past two days.

I'm in a two person room but I'm the only one here. There was this old lady before who told every nurse her life story and snored last night. Now she's gone and so is her bed, which makes the room feel rather empty.

Now I'm tired.


  1. Get well soon!! :)

  2. Aww you poor thing! Hope you have a speedy recovery :) x

  3. You're such a brave trooper! Smiling for photos even when you've been hospitalised.
    Take care.

  4. Booo pain. Woo ice-cream!
    Get well soon, we're all hoping for the best.


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