Thursday, September 15, 2011

The blood.

The blood staining your fingertips is the only thing that reminds you you're alive. You have spent hours consuming pixels, and each one of those hours brought you closer to your death. So which of these is more lethal? The blood, or the television?

Insomnia makes people do strange things. Or rather, people do strange things when they suffer from insomnia. Sometimes minutes pass and you don't know what you've been doing. You find yourself outside in the street. You're wearing pyjamas and you have no shoes on.

It's starting to get light and that's not what you want. The morning brings desperation; the seeking, the straining, the endless words. How can you go through all of that again? How long can you pretend? All you want is to sleep forever. You hate the light and you will fight it with all your failing strength. But when you close your eyes it isn't darkness that you see.

The wall is cracking. Your defences will not hold for much longer.


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