Thursday, April 14, 2011

"I don't love you anymore."

"I don't love you anymore." He had turned his head away and she watched as his words fogged up the window of the last train home. She couldn't speak, but she felt the way he was slipping out of her grasp, just as his hand did. She leaned towards him but he turned his head away. He wouldn't even give her a chance, so she forced herself to find the words.
"I had a dream." He didn't respond but she knew he was listening.
"We were arguing. I was crying. You were unkind." Still no answer. She swallowed and continued, "I had a bottle and I smashed it against the curb. I slit my wrists with the shards and then ran. I disappeared into the night."
He looked at her now, but she saw nothing in his gaze.
"It was so liberating. I felt more alive than I ever have."
The train slowed to a stop and she arose, wrapping her cruedly hand-made scarf around her neck and buttoning her coat. This was her stop. She stepped out into the cold and shivered as the train rolled away behind her turned back. He hadn't followed her, but she hadn't expected him to. She disappeared into the night.

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