Thursday, October 28, 2010

How I despise.

How I despise you of no hope,
You of wafer-thin morals and beaten conscience.

How I curse the day our lips met
and our bodies entwined,
The manner in which your aura snuck in
to inhabit mine.

Your smell engulfed me - now I reek of you.

When we are together I can not breathe
but absorb your essence.
When we are apart only the taste
of your deception lingers in my mouth.

The tears which I have wasted on your countenance
lie heavy in my memory.
Those you have oft observed shed
but never stopped to hinder.

This time amounts to nothing.
Your lies are all I will remember.

I wish I could say I find your false-sentiments amusing.
I wish I could be so callous; as callous as you.


Thanks for showing me some love ;)