Friday, July 30, 2010

I feel like.

I feel like it's about time I wrote an update. I'm back to uni now, so (apart from the party I'm having tonight) everything should be going back to boring. Ish.

Lists are always pretty fun, raight? This was my holiday:

  1. Jackson went to Vietnam.
  2. Luna on Essex and then Mojo's for too much cider and Wide Open Mike with Aleks.
  3. Got ink.
  4. Driving with Blake, Leon and Al.
  5. Dinner at Duncan's then Rise and getting locked out of Al's car >:(
  7. Breakfast date with Linley.
  8. Marlies's party with Elena and Marina.
  9. Stan and Patrick watch me play hockey.
  10. Writer's Retreat in Mandurah with Emily, Deb, Lauren, Shane and Patrick (for one night).
  11. ON THE BRIGHT SIDE with Breanna, Jane, Lisa and Jesse. Fucking amazing.
  12. Jackson back from Vietnam.
  13. Now.

Of course, this is all interdispersed with occasional work, some hockey, and constant Patrick.

Photos when I am less lazy (so, maybe never?).


Thanks for showing me some love ;)